PENN CENTRAL, freight, on the River Line, East Shore, 1977-1978 centralfreight auto transport

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Here are a few clips taken from some of my old Kodak, Super 8mm Sound film. The film has been digitalized for a little better quality.

These were taken of Penn Central freight, on the ex-NYC’s River Line, and on the East Shore of the Hudson River, in 1977-1978.

Hope you enjoy some of these old clips. Quality isn’t the greatest compared to todays HD stuff, but its stuff that has been gone for years, never to be repeated.

Thanks for watching

Video was taken by myself with Kodak Super 8mm Sound film and equipment in 1977 & 1978.

Please check out for other video clips. I have something for everyone, from the 70’s, until today.

As all my clips, They are copyrighted. Please do not use without permission.

Have a great day. jackmp294.5™

video by Jack D Kuiphoff © 2015

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13 thoughts on “PENN CENTRAL, freight, on the River Line, East Shore, 1977-1978 centralfreight auto transport”

  1. At 4:17, the second U-boat in the consist was still wearing a New York Central cigar band style emblem. Surprising considering that at the time these clips were made even the Penn Central ceased to exist having been replaced by Conrail at least a few months earlier.

  2. Thanks for the videos. Kinda takes me back to days I would watch PC trains pass thru Sandusky, OH area when I was a kid, and the nearby town I grew up in, Norwalk OH, on a line that has since been removed. Is refreshing to see train cars roll that have absolutely no graffiti on them.

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