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The most complete double-rotor rakes
Lely starts the 2012 season with a new range of central delivery double-rotor rakes. For the time being, the line will be two models: the Lely Hibiscus 745 CD Vario with a 7.40 m working width and the Lely Hibiscus 915 CD Vario with an 8.90 m working width. Both rakes have a comprehensive specification and stand out due to their compact and rugged construction.
Perfect ground contour following
The rotors of both models have a universally jointed suspension to the chassis whereby the cross-shaped pivot point is configured before the rotors. Consequently, the pivot point can be positioned as low as possible so that the rotors have a smoother action as well as following ground contours more effectively.
No output without stability
The new units are engineered so that the suspension of the front wheels to the front of the rotor carriage can swivel as well as pivot. The wheels are positioned very close to the tines to allow a very accurate working height adjustment. Swivelling eliminates damage to the sward as a result of ‘wriggling’ wheels in
sharp bends. The rear wheels of the carriage of the Lely Hibiscus 915 CD feature tandem axles instead of a single axle to ensure optimum stability; these tandem axles are optional for the 745 model.
Vario – hydraulic working width adjustment
As standard, both rakes feature hydraulic working width adjustment. During the raking operation, the working width and, hence, the swath width can be adjusted by means of a double-acting spool valve. The spool valve for pushing the arms in and out is also used to lower the machine for transport.
Optimum ease of control
Several operations – folding the machine, adjusting the working width as well as the exceptionally ample and fast headland manoeuvres – are set up in such a way that they can all be controlled through a doubleacting spool valve There are no more ropes for folding out the rake as the machine locks and unlocks itself.
Easy road transport
Due to the compact construction of these models road transport is made easy. The width of the Hibiscus 745 CD Vario is no more than 2.50 m and this – combined with the steered rear wheels – provides a major benefit when driving on narrow roads and when negotiating narrow passageways. On the 915 CD model, the tine arms can be removed to achieve a transport/storage height of 3.65 m; transport height is 4.30 m with the tine arms fitted. After a decade of developing cam rakes, the company presents a fine example of Lely innovation by
launching these two new Hibiscus models. These surprising rakes are the concrete result of a constant quest for improvement aimed at harvesting the best quality forage. Both rakes have everything it takes to ensure the cleanest possible delivery of optimal swaths under all circumstances.

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