Getting Codes From A Chrysler OBD1 Without A Reader checktrans auto transport

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showing how to get codes with out a scanner on a chrysler OBD1 sytem

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6 thoughts on “Getting Codes From A Chrysler OBD1 Without A Reader checktrans auto transport”

  1. I just got a code reader today that I thought would be compatible with my car I have a 95 chrysler sebring lx 2 door coupe style, the check engine light is on it in right, but I am having problems trying to locate a obd1 diagnostic scan tool for it, this is the one I got today and tried to use on the car but link error will pop up when it is trying to read the code stored on the engine computer, I have the MaxiScan OxGord MS300 OBD2 Scan Diagnostic Tool, tell me how to turn the key to the on position and off and on, how many times so I can see if it will do a code for my car, I have not had it a month yet, the car, the engine light was on in it before I actually went for it, uh huh

  2. You are the coolest, The Diesel auto centers wanted to charge me $100 to read my codes on a 95 Dodge Ram truck, I spent 8 hours searching for an affordable OB1 code reader for my truck. They don't seem to exist.
    I never Knew my  had this key on key off 3x Feature.
    The Auto-Zone dude never told me about this.
    The O'Reilly dudes never told me this, but you did. Thanks dude.

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