CABCAR ride on Metra to Lisle cs dist auto transport

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Riding into Lisle Illinois on National Train day 2011, Filmed on the BNSF Racetrack just wast of Rt 53 and Lisle Metra Station.

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23 thoughts on “CABCAR ride on Metra to Lisle cs dist auto transport”

  1. Per BNSF's policy, it is ok to film out the cab car window and if anyone says anything otherwise, get the guys name and file a complaint. I'm not sure if it works like that on any line other than the BNSF however.

  2. @Chicagojoe28 man Joe you are Luckey as hell to get to do this most dont allow this I was told this is one ride i would love to do like a previous comment from metraF40PH163 stated they haveing been giving peple hell for just standing in front and photographing out the front window so sis you sit in the actual cab car seat across from the engineer if so you are Luckey as Hell

  3. @metraF40PH163 Thanks! Yah plus it may not be the safest place to stand on a moving train. Some times conductors are cool about it and other times they just tell you to "please sit down". I don't know if there are rules agents it, but it sure is cool!

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